HELLO100! A Dance for 100 Hoopers at Figment, NYC

100 HoopDancers gathered in a unique, live, spectacle performance at The Figment Project on Governor’s Island, NYC June 9 and 10, 2012

“HELLO100!” Is a restaging of Bex Burton’s 2011 Figment performance, “HELLO! A Spontaneous Dance for an Infinite Number of Hoopers: An Epic Tale of True Love.” In HELLO100!, Bex presents 100 HoopDancers from New York and beyond, performing in this colorful, campy, multi-tiered, 10-minute choreographed HoopDance.

A real “Epic Tale of True Love” unfolded in Bex’s life while producing the original 2011 work, reflecting the love story woven within the lyrics of the piece. This art-to-life happening inspired the restaging of the piece for a second year at Figment.

HELLO!100 offers an accessible opportunity for hoopers of all skill level to perform in a unique hoop happening, a free-to-the public live performance of epic proportions for Figment audiences, and inspiration for all who experience HELLO!100 that True Love exists.

See links for participation and contribution below the video.


Thanks to 78 Kickstarter Funders and other private investors, all dancers received giftbags with custom designed screenprinted T-shirts, HELLO!100 stickers, hand-made love necklaces made by THE BEX, and water the day of the show. Additionally, rehearsal and production costs for both live performance and performance video were funded through the generosity of the public. The HELLO!100 Kickstarter Campaign  was successfully funded on May 16, 2012, but you may still contribute to future productions by THE BEX via paypal if you wish.

THANK YOU to all the financial and in-kind donors who helped make this epic hoop happening a reality.

JOIN THE DANCE!! Email bex@senseofmotion.com to inquire about producing your own local performance of HELLO!

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Read the HELLO!100 FAQ’s and share your own. Check back for frequent updates.



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