Intro to Doubles Workshop

Why hoop with one hoop when you can double your fun with two?

Learn the basics of doubles hooping, from tech to flow this workshop will get you started with a wide range of Doubles vocabulary for hours of inspired flight time to come. Moves introduced will progress in difficulty and unfold in a drill pattern. Tech timing, direction, and planes will be explained. Half the workshop will be devoted to traditional circus style doubles and poi-style hooping (yes, dubbed in the hoop world, “pooping”). The second half of the workshop will introduce a dance-infused approach to doubles, utilizing sustained spin and hoops as shapes. The workshop is 100% off-body work. Prepare to work those arms and shoulders!

The 2-hour workshop will cover: 
Forward and Reverse Weave, and turns from one to the other
3-Beat Weave in Forward and Reverse(?!?)
Horizontal Weave
Windmills and Mexican Waves
Isopop and Antispin
Sustained Spin and Variations (shapes/patterns)
Z-Spins, Zircles, and Butterflops
And perhaps more!

We’ll also cover healthy shoulder prep and yummy neck and shoulder stretches that are good throughout any day, not only doubles day.

Please register here
And secure your spot with payment:
$35 workshop only
$40 workshop and rental of 34″ polypro doubles of opposing colors for visual aid

Payment can be sent via paypal or google wallet to**Kindly mark your payment “personal”, so the only fees I have to pay are taxes.

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