Mid Winter Workshops!

Time to turn up the volume on your hooping and your body! Keep your body happy and hooping with these two workshops for beginners and for all hooping bodies.

Absolute Beginner’s Workshop!
Saturday, March 2, 2013 , 12pm-2pm
Triskelion Arts, Williamsburg, BK
$35 advanced reservation required
$75 includes a custom, hand-made hoop by Bex
Registration is secured once payment is received. Payment is non-refundable, but transferable.

Welcome to your unique, individual journey of joyful movement! Meet your new best friend and dance partner, your hoop. This 2-hour workshop will teach you the basics of hooping at the waist, arms and hands. Troubleshoot problem areas and defy gravity. Understand the mechanics that separate “hoopDance” from “hula hooping”. Learn techniques to develop your “inner spiral”, in an effort to free up your legs and your arms. Fall in love with “spinning”. If you’ve never picked up a hoop before or it *just keeps falling down, this workshop is for you!

Participants in the Beginner’s Workshop are eligible to receive $8 off the Beginner Class Series beginning March 16.

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Intro to Doubles Redux
Monday March 11, 7-9pm
Triskelion Arts Studios, 118 North 11th St. 3rd Floor, Williamsburg
$35 Advanced Registration Required
$20 if you took the workshop in February

You asked for more, so here it is. Proper. On home turf, bigger studio, better light, and now with mirrors. This 2nd round of Intro to Doubles will review the basics we outlined in Part I, clean up your technique, and move you forward to another wave of Intro work.

Dancing with two hoops is not only physically challenging, but also cerebrally stimulating! In this workshop, we will learn the basics of doubles hooping: moves introduced will progress in difficulty and unfold in a drill pattern. Tech timing, direction, and planes are explained. Half the workshop will be devoted to traditional circus style doubles i.e. poi-style hooping The second half of the workshop will introduce a dance-infused approach to doubles, utilizing sustained spin and hoops as shapes. From tech to flow, this workshop will get you started with a wide range of Doubles vocabulary for hours of inspired flight time to come.The workshop is 100% off-body work. Prepare to work those arms and shoulders!

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The Hoop As Your Dance Partner
Saturday March 23, 2013 5:00-7:30pm
Dance New Amsterdam, 280 Broadway, entrance on Chambers, Manhattan

Open Level/ $30

Hoop Dance is an infinite movement relationship with the hoop, far exceeding the traditional and mono-dimensionality of simply Hula Hooping at the waist. In Hoop Dance, we consider the body and the hoop as one dance partnership, led by the dancer and followed through with the circle, and sometimes vice versa.

In this workshop, we’ll explore off-body Hoop Dance physics of pendulum and arc, hang time and follow through. We will then apply these concepts to basic and intermediate hoop movements in a phrase. Adding layers of complementary movement, we’ll create a full body framework for the Hoop Dance phrase.

No hoop experience necessary. Prerequisites: Musicality, rhythm, sense of play and fun. Hoops will be provided or students are welcome to bring their own.

See Dance New Amsterdam for details and registration.



Concerns of the low back, hips and lower extremities

Click HERE to be included on a short list for a potential small group class.

Body Mechanics for Hoopers address treatment and prevention of common injuries and low-level chronic pain prevalent amongst zealously passionate spinners. Learn the causes of specific hoop-related ailments including Piriformis Syndrome (Hooper’s Hip), Sciatica, knee dysfunctions, and more. Learn the anatomy behind the pain, and easy training techniques to keep your Hooping body pain-free. Bex covers the why’s and how’s of proper warm ups, conditioning exercises, stretch and self massage techniques. Stretch what is tight and strengthen what is weak. Bex give you the tools to keep your body happy, and flow on.


About Bex:
Bex Burton, aka THE BEX, is a certified Pilates instructor, Thai Bodyworker, contemporary HoopDancer and certified teacher, costumer and fire performer. With over 25 years of movement training, performance and study, Bex owns and facilitates Sense of Motion Therapies, a multi-service, holistic company offering Joyful Movement preventative wellness in New York, NY.

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