Spring Shows Payment Info

Each dancer is asked to contribute $15 to offset the cost of producing these large-scale shows. Costs accrued include paying for our Dance Parade registration fee for group with car, curated soundtrack, sound system, gas for our sound car and generator to run sound, rehearsal space, and a small stipend for our Love Ambassadors to cover their out-of-pocket costs.

Rather than making a paypal button on my site (paypal takes fees automatically) please send your payment via paypal to bex@senseofmotion.com. Mark your payment “Personal” or “Friends/Family” to avoid fees.

Payment can also be made in cash in advance in any rehearsal. All Love Ambassadors running rehearsals are ready to collect and  record your payment.

You may also pay by personal check made out to Bex Burton, and mailed to 99 Sutton Street #203, Brooklyn, NY 11222.


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