The Trainer’s Class

Shake off your week and give your body this gift of a 2-hour, non-stop, full throttle HoopDance Trainer’s Class, led by Bex Burton, Certified Pilates and Certified Hoopdance Instructor.

Friday January 17, 2014/ 7-9pm
Triskelion Arts, Williamsburg Brooklyn

Class Only: $40

Bring a Friend Special: $35 for you and $35 for your friend

special pricing on Class + Enrichment Workshop see below

We begin on the mat where you’ll free yourself from preconceived notions and the mainstream representation of Pilates. Finding three dimensional breathing, deep abdominal activation, and mobility vs. stability, you will gain a better understanding of the capabilities of your body, the way it moves, and what Pilates is *really about. We move on to a fun and complex BexStep warm up that will elevate your spirits, your heart rate, and your brain/body connectivity. Grab your hoops as we move into intermediate/advanced drills on the core in both directions – just be better than you were yesterday! You will then learn a phrase of choreography incorporating 5-7 new and familiar moves, that you can weave into your already existing flow. Our class ends with a blindfolded meditation, inspired by the ways of the Hoop Path. Limited space, unlimited fun! Secure your spot today following the two links below.

Pre-requisites: waist hooping in both currents, comfortable shoulder hooping in at least 1 current and working on 2nd, knowledge of and ability to perform weaves, isolations, and angles; HoopPath vocabulary.




COMBO SPECIAL! Trainer Class + Enrichment Workshop:




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