Self Care For Hoopers: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boulder

Hoopers, I’m so excited to share with you this vital information that will help sustain a long and healthy hoop life!

Body Mechanics for Hoopers address treatment and prevention of common injuries and low-level chronic pain prevalent amongst zealously passionate hoop dancers. Learn the causes of specific hoop-related ailments including Low Back Pain, Piriformis Syndrome (Hooper’s Hip), Sciatica, knee dysfunctions, and more. Learn the anatomy behind the pain, and easy training techniques to keep your Hooping body pain-free.

Class begins with breath awareness and activation of your deepest abdominal layer that supports the spine. We continue through a dancey- BexStep Warmup before tackling Core Hoop Drills (yes, in both currents!). Ass-kicking conditioning for your hooping hips is then rewarded with yummy stretches and self-massage incorporating physio props.

Stretch what is tight and strengthen what is weak! Bex gives you the tools to keep your body happy, and flow on.

What to bring:

– hoops for waist or shoulder hooping
– yoga mat
– foam roller (LA: please bring your own. SF and Boulder, extras will be on hand for lend and/or purchase)
– water
– notebook
– clothes you can move and hoop in
– enthusiasm for learning and questions about your bodies!

Bex Burton is a Certified Pilates Trainer, Hoop Revolution Certified Mentor, Thai Bodyworker and Professional Anatomy Geek. She has a 30 year dance background, and has been teaching movement professionally since 2003. She has taught classes in ballet and modern dance, spinning, cardio and strength training, HoopDance, Pilates mat, and her specialty, rehabilitative private Pilates on the equipment. She’s an expert in leading both individuals and groups through fun, inspiring classes, seamlessly weaving in relevant body knowledge, targeted physical benefits and wellness motivation. Learn more at


San Francisco, CA: Sunday March 2, 1-3pm
$45 Bring a Friend Special through Feb 23 / $50 Regular Pricing
DanceGround Keriac: 1805 Divisadero, San Francisco, CA, 94115
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Los Angeles, CA: Thursday March 6, 6:15-8:15pm
$45 Bring a Friend Special through Feb 23 / $50 Regular Pricing
Fire Groove: 671 N Berendo St, Los Angeles, CA 90004 
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Boulder, CO: Sunday March 9, 1-3pm
$40 Bring a Friend Special through Feb 23/ $45 Regular Pricing
Alchemy of Movement: 2436 30th St, Boulder, CO 80301
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