Secret Garden Hoop Class and Jam!

My darling New Yorkers, my urban hoop tribe. How do I miss thee?!? Boulder is beautiful, but I gotta say there’s nothing like the NYC hoop scene!

I miss you all dearly, AND I have a wonderful space to share with you! I’m headed back East to host two very special events in this epic secret Midtown Manhattan location – SO special the location must remain secret to all until you register and make payment. Be sure to read this page to the end for the easy-but-strict rules for engagement…

HoopDance Intensive Class – ALL LEVELS
Bexstep warm up, drills, technique, skills, interactive play and more!
Wednesday 3/26 8-10pm

Blockbuster Hoop Jam
The best beats hand-selected by Bex on a rockin’ sound system… raise the roof!
Thursday 3/27 8-10pm

Combo: Both Class and Jam!



Because our secret location is a high-profile building in Midtown Manhattan with a fleet of security guards, we have a few hard-fast rules to adhere to.

ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST FILL OUT THE REGISTRATION FORM NO LATER THAN 12PM (EST) MARCH 18th.  I am required to submit the names of all participants to building security EIGHT DAYS IN ADVANCE. If you even *think you want to attend,  fill out the registration form.

NO STRAGGLERS WILL BE ADMITTED, REGARDLESS OF PAYMENT. All attendees must arrive at the meeting spot by 7:45pm and we will enter the venue in total as a group. If you are late, my apologies but due to security you will not be admitted in. No exceptions!

ALL FINANCES MUST BE SETTLED IN ADVANCE. There will be no transactions the night of. If you MUST pay cash, please team up with another participant who is paying in advance online.

These are NON-NEGOTIABLE rules in place by the venue with NO EXCEPTION. **Sorry to sound harsh, but the trade off for use of this beautiful venue is worth all the hoop jumping!


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