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Prepare for Your Thai Massage

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Congratulations on booking your Thai Massage. These simple guidelines will ensure your comfort and the most positive experience.


Dress comfortably. Your clothes remain on during Thai work, and you want to be able to move freely without constriction.

Avoid eating heavily for 2 hours prior to your massage, as the work includes abdominal treatment.

Avoid wearing perfumes, lotions or other oils that are either scented or make the skin slippery.

Your voice is active. Communicate any needs to adjust pressure, intensity of stretches, temperature, sound or other discomforts during the work.

Your body is passive. Resist the urge to help and let go of your body. Return to your belly breath and focus on the healing and self-care you are receiving.

Allow yourself time.  Meditative state is achieved more readily when we allow the momentum of the day to come to a stop.

If you have any questions feel free to contact


HoopDance Class Etiquette

Friday, January 4th, 2013

There aren’t many rules in HoopDance class, but the few I have are pretty sacred. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our classroom etiquette.

– Aim to arrive at least 5 minutes before class. These few moments will allow you to change and mentally prepare to be present in your body with the group. If you do arrive late, stash your belongings and join the group as quickly as possible.

– No Street shoes on the studio floor.  Only non-marking dance shoes that don’t touch the dirty city sidewalks are allowed on the dance floor. Please remove all other shoes as you enter the studio.

– No food allowed in the studio. Water highly recommended! It is also recommended to eat only lightly if at all 1 hour prior to class.

– If making up or taking a single class, kindly position yourself in the back of the room, especially if you are leveling up or down. You are welcome to ask questions, but please know that your answers may be abbreviated, and you may get modified material to work on, so as to maintain the overall flow of the series’ coursework. I am available for private coaching if I am unable to backtrack material you may have missed.

– Please silence all cellphones and leave any and all electronics with your belongings until class is over. Our time is so short together, your text messages, missed calls and status updates can wait!

– Please remain attentive when we split off into groups. If you are waiting your turn to dance the material, please respect the other hoopers who have the floor and remain silent or cheer them on. Observation is also key in learning, so please pay attention to cues that I give dancers while you watch. You may solve your own questions just by listening!

– Please do not correct other students in class. While I appreciate your understanding of the work, it is more distracting than helpful and complicates my teaching when my students are getting information from multiple sources. If you have a useful suggestion, you may bring it to me to consider.

– Please do not haggle for classes. My rates, terms and policies are set to afford proper dance studio space, and compensate my creative efforts. Though we may only spend 90 minutes together, your tuition pays for so many more hours of my time, between administration, self practice, programming, travel to and teaching classes. Please take responsibility for managing your own time and scheduling your make ups in advance whenever possible, and no more than two weeks of your missed class to redeem.

– Do not solicit your business in my class.

– When the hoop falls, we celebrate, “WHEEE!”

– Above all else, please keep in mind that we are dancing with Hula Hoops. We are all on a unique individual journey that is to be honored and celebrated by every person in class. Please maintain a supportive and non-competitive attitude not only to your peers, but to yourself. No one’s dance is perfect or meant to be so, it is simply meant to be our own. Own it!

Terms and Policies

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

All Pilates sessions are held to a 24-hour cancellation courtesy. Please allow at least 24-hours cancellation on all private,  duet, and small group sessions.

All Intro 3-packs are valid for 4 weeks. All 10-pack’s are valid for 12 weeks. Payment is due at the time of booking


Please familiarize yourself with these guidelines prior to taking classes and workshops.


There are no refunds on workshops and class series’. Your enrollment holds space just for you, and may mean others are waitlisted. Registration and payment are however transferrable: if your plans change, you can offer your spot to another mover. All transfers are the responsibility of the original purchaser and may be subject to approbal by Bex prior to the first date of class/workshop. Registration and payment is not exchangeable toward future series’ if your plans change or are otherwise unable to attend.   A refund will only be made in the event a class is canceled.


THE BEX reserves the right to have substitute teachers for any class at any time. Bex will do everything possible to teach all classes, but will offer a qualified substitute in the event of illness or unexpected incident.


Bex Burton is certified and insured in teaching HoopDance and Pilates, administering Thai Bodywork, and performing and teaching fire. THE BEX, Sense of Motion, and all partner studios are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property. THE BEX/ Sense of Motion and its instructors are not liable for any injuries sustained during class or on the premises. A doctor’s approval for cardiovascular dance workout is recommended for those in question of their physical capabilities.

24-Hour Cancelation Courtesy

Saturday, December 1st, 2012


Students enrolled in a full series are allowed to cancel single class at any time for any reason. One make up class is offered, additional cancelations are forfeited. Classes are non-refundable, but transferrable.



Due to high-volume demand and limited space, all single hoop classes, make-ups and *all Pilates sessions are held to a 24-hour Cancelation Courtesy. Students are asked to give at least 24-hours advance notice when canceling their registration to avoid being held responsible for the session fee. Students giving 24 or more hours advance notice when canceling will be issued a credit good toward any service offered by Sense of Motion  for three months.



All cancelations on Thai Bodywork forfeit the booking deposit. If the client gives at least 24-hours notice, client may reschedule appointment within 24-hours of original appointment on same deposit.


Students canceling with more than 24-hours notice have the opportunity to transfer their non-refundable enrollment fee to a wait-listed student, or opt for a credit good toward any service offered by Sense of Motion  for three months. Cancellations with less than 24-hours notice forfeit the enrollment fee. Some special circumstances apply.


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Monday, January 2nd, 2012

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