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Online Learning is COMING!

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014


You asked for it, and I’m happy to deliver. Coming this Spring, Sense of Motion has an all new online classroom for your favorite SOM offerings in:

– Functional Strength Training

– Myofascial Release

– HoopDance Self Care

as well as a new lecture series covering topics in:

– Anatomy

– Movement Science

– Classroom Strategies

– Pro-Tips for all!


Want to get in on the action? Register for the Bexico Beta Group for pre-release testing, fist access, and special pricing on course content!

New Beginnings

Monday, November 4th, 2013

My dear movers,

This autumn has brought about so many changes – as I’m sure you have felt in your own lives. Change is good, it is healthy, it is the thing that keeps us growing, pushing our boundaries, knowledge, and garnering wisdom. Change is inevitable. A guide of mine once quoted, “The only thing that never changes is that things are always changing.”

And with that dear movers, I announce MY big change. After nearly 9 years of living and loving in New York City, it is time for me to exit. My man and I are departing for the big earth and sky of Boulder, Colorado, departing early December.

That said, though I’m trading Flatiron Mountains for Flatiron Buildings, New York will be a regular part of my teaching and event circuit. I’m back as early as January for a workshop for flow teachers and enthusiasts, and will continue to produce events for the NYC Community. Additionally I will be upping my online content, so you can continue to train with me from afar.

I am so grateful to each and every one of you, whether you’ve participated in all of my classes and performances, or if you’re just now receiving your first newsletter from me. Thank you for all of your support, and I look forward to continued hooping with you wherever our paths cross again.

Here’s a snippet of a recent flow session, meditating on my 9 years in this great town.

so much love and hoops,

Photo Credit: See Ying