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Hoop Your Heart Out! Workshop in Boulder

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

This Valentine’s Day get deep with yourself, your heart, and your hoop!

In this workshop, you will:

** Identify limiting beliefs and patterns that keep you from getting what you want in all areas of your life

** Use the hoop as a tool for untangling and releasing that which does not serve you

** Get intimate with your big dream of love, life or business

** Create or build out your 2016 plan for getting what you want

** Sweat, giggle, push your edges, cry, resist, recommit and get inspired!

** Hoop your HEART out in the final hour Jam


Join Bex Burton, Hoop Dance Specialist and Love Coach for this three hour deep dive into your hoop and your heart! This workshop is for all levels of hoop dancers, as you will be met at whatever skill level you’re at. Beginners and Ninjas welcome both, and everyone in between.  An additional 30 min private coaching session** ($197 value) is offered at a very special rate for attendees of this workshop. Grab the full package for $55.

Space is VERY limited, guarantee your spot on the dancefloor and book in advance.

Hoop Your Heart Out Workshop/Jam

What to bring:
** comfortable, form fitting clothes to hoop and dance in
** Water, a snack
** A hoop or hoops of your choice (Hoops can be rented for $5)
** A notebook or journal
** Both a pen to write with and a sharpie / marker to draw with
** A big vision – either in LOVE, Life or Business – a dream that your heart aches to come true

Please note: The studio is a shoe-free zone. If you must wear shoes for health concerns, please ensure they are designated indoor workout / dance shoes.

**Private coaching sessions will be set up outside of the workshop time, and must be used within 30 days of purchase.

Fire Hoop Safety and Spin Class

Sunday, June 15th, 2014


ALUMNI DISCOUNT (doesn’t expire): 

Tuesday July 29, 7:00-10:00pm
The Floasis / HQ
1342-A Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11221

Registration fee includes use of all tools, fuel, class and show

Early Hooper Discount: $40 when you register through July 1st
Regular Pricing: $50 July 2 and following

**Special Alumni Rate: $30 for hoopers returning from previous Sense of Motion fire classes**

HoopDance Teacher Trainings: New Website!

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Come visit me at




Secret Garden Hoop Class and Jam!

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

My darling New Yorkers, my urban hoop tribe. How do I miss thee?!? Boulder is beautiful, but I gotta say there’s nothing like the NYC hoop scene!

I miss you all dearly, AND I have a wonderful space to share with you! I’m headed back East to host two very special events in this epic secret Midtown Manhattan location – SO special the location must remain secret to all until you register and make payment. Be sure to read this page to the end for the easy-but-strict rules for engagement…

HoopDance Intensive Class – ALL LEVELS
Bexstep warm up, drills, technique, skills, interactive play and more!
Wednesday 3/26 8-10pm

Blockbuster Hoop Jam
The best beats hand-selected by Bex on a rockin’ sound system… raise the roof!
Thursday 3/27 8-10pm

Combo: Both Class and Jam!



Because our secret location is a high-profile building in Midtown Manhattan with a fleet of security guards, we have a few hard-fast rules to adhere to.

ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST FILL OUT THE REGISTRATION FORM NO LATER THAN 12PM (EST) MARCH 18th.  I am required to submit the names of all participants to building security EIGHT DAYS IN ADVANCE. If you even *think you want to attend,  fill out the registration form.

NO STRAGGLERS WILL BE ADMITTED, REGARDLESS OF PAYMENT. All attendees must arrive at the meeting spot by 7:45pm and we will enter the venue in total as a group. If you are late, my apologies but due to security you will not be admitted in. No exceptions!

ALL FINANCES MUST BE SETTLED IN ADVANCE. There will be no transactions the night of. If you MUST pay cash, please team up with another participant who is paying in advance online.

These are NON-NEGOTIABLE rules in place by the venue with NO EXCEPTION. **Sorry to sound harsh, but the trade off for use of this beautiful venue is worth all the hoop jumping!


January 17-18, 2014: NYC

Monday, November 25th, 2013

There are times in life where circumstances invite us to “Level Up.” Whether it’s a job promotion, a break up or new relationship, or an upgrade in technology, simply put, life keeps moving, and we must adapt and keep up.

Though I’m headed West at the beginning of December, my return trips to New York will be often. Starting this January, I invite you to “Level Up” in your practice with these two very special offerings. Click through for details, registration and payment.



Enrich Your Teaching/ Deepen Your Practice

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Anatomy, Kinesiology, Principles of Training, Vocabulary of Movement, Pro-Tips and other awesome sauce from THE BEX!

Saturday January 18, 2014
Triskelion Arts, Williamsburg Brooklyn

COMBO SPECIAL!  Trainer Class + Enrichment Workshop: $160
BONUS! Receive a 15 minute, one-on-one private consultation of your choosing when you register for the lecture or class/lecture combo!

This interactive lecture is specifically designed to help YOU become a better movement teacher. Also appropriate for the spin or dance enthusiast wishing to go deeper in practice with more knowledge about the body and how we move. Whether you are certified or not, have a weekly class or are happy in your own practice, the information shared in this 5-hour interactive lecture will forever change the way you approach your body and those of your students.

*Space is limited to promote rich discussion.

Course of Study:

Anatomy/Kinesiology “Lite” : learn major bones and muscle groups of the body; what’s what, where it lives and what it does. Learn “anatomically correct” postures, deviations from, and how that manifests in your classroom.

Vocabulary of Movement: adopt clear, precise verbal cues from clinical terminology

Principles of Training: maximize the physical benefits of your class and keep students safe

Concepts of Dance: easy variations to challenge yourself and most advanced students without straying from your programming

Pro-Tips: understanding body patterns and injuries, decoding mind-body psychology, vocabulary of positivity, crafting spontaneous inspiring critique and time-effective delivery strategies, and many other invaluable bits of knowledge to up your student retention and sell out your classes!


Bex Burton is a Certified Pilates Teacher, Hoop Revolution Certified Mentor, Thai Bodyworker and Professional Anatomy Geek. She has a 30 year dance background, and has been teaching movement professionally since 2003. She has taught classes in ballet and modern dance, spinning, cardio and strength training, HoopDance, and Pilates mat, as well as private and small group Pilates on the equipment. She’s an expert in leading both individuals and groups through fun, inspiring classes seamlessly weaving in relevant body knowledge and physical benefits. Learn more at




The Trainer’s Class

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Shake off your week and give your body this gift of a 2-hour, non-stop, full throttle HoopDance Trainer’s Class, led by Bex Burton, Certified Pilates and Certified Hoopdance Instructor.

Friday January 17, 2014/ 7-9pm
Triskelion Arts, Williamsburg Brooklyn

Class Only: $40

Bring a Friend Special: $35 for you and $35 for your friend

special pricing on Class + Enrichment Workshop see below

We begin on the mat where you’ll free yourself from preconceived notions and the mainstream representation of Pilates. Finding three dimensional breathing, deep abdominal activation, and mobility vs. stability, you will gain a better understanding of the capabilities of your body, the way it moves, and what Pilates is *really about. We move on to a fun and complex BexStep warm up that will elevate your spirits, your heart rate, and your brain/body connectivity. Grab your hoops as we move into intermediate/advanced drills on the core in both directions – just be better than you were yesterday! You will then learn a phrase of choreography incorporating 5-7 new and familiar moves, that you can weave into your already existing flow. Our class ends with a blindfolded meditation, inspired by the ways of the Hoop Path. Limited space, unlimited fun! Secure your spot today following the two links below.

Pre-requisites: waist hooping in both currents, comfortable shoulder hooping in at least 1 current and working on 2nd, knowledge of and ability to perform weaves, isolations, and angles; HoopPath vocabulary.




COMBO SPECIAL! Trainer Class + Enrichment Workshop:




3-D Play: HoopCamp Preview in Brooklyn

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

I’m headed West this October to present several workshops at the annual HoopCamp retreat in Santa Cruz, CA. Before I go, I want to offer my home town hoopers an affordable opportunity to take a preview engagement of the workshop I’m presenting:

3-Dimensional Play: Exploring the Hoop as a Sphere.
Tuesday September 24, 7:30-9pm
$25 in advance/ $30 night of
Triskelion Studios / Williamsburg, BK

Your spot is secure with an online registration via this form, and a paypal payment of $25 directly to, please mark ‘personal’ to avoid fees.

Explore the hoop as a 3-dimensional sphere in movements that rotate the hoop at one or two axis. 3-dimensional moves are key in linking horizontal and vertical plane work together seamlessly, and adds more depth to your hoopDance. Learn fun flourishes and multi-dimensional variations, and progress to challenging dexterity skills. Both drills and sequencing are offered in this workshop, giving you the tools to master the moves, and how to incorporate them in your existing flow. Material explored includes wrist rotations, tosses, palm spins, body spheres (escalators) and breaks, and cradles.

All Sense of Motion Terms and Conditions apply.

Mid Winter Workshops!

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Time to turn up the volume on your hooping and your body! Keep your body happy and hooping with these two workshops for beginners and for all hooping bodies.

Absolute Beginner’s Workshop!
Saturday, March 2, 2013 , 12pm-2pm
Triskelion Arts, Williamsburg, BK
$35 advanced reservation required
$75 includes a custom, hand-made hoop by Bex
Registration is secured once payment is received. Payment is non-refundable, but transferable.

Welcome to your unique, individual journey of joyful movement! Meet your new best friend and dance partner, your hoop. This 2-hour workshop will teach you the basics of hooping at the waist, arms and hands. Troubleshoot problem areas and defy gravity. Understand the mechanics that separate “hoopDance” from “hula hooping”. Learn techniques to develop your “inner spiral”, in an effort to free up your legs and your arms. Fall in love with “spinning”. If you’ve never picked up a hoop before or it *just keeps falling down, this workshop is for you!

Participants in the Beginner’s Workshop are eligible to receive $8 off the Beginner Class Series beginning March 16.

Register here.
Make Payment here.


Intro to Doubles Redux
Monday March 11, 7-9pm
Triskelion Arts Studios, 118 North 11th St. 3rd Floor, Williamsburg
$35 Advanced Registration Required
$20 if you took the workshop in February

You asked for more, so here it is. Proper. On home turf, bigger studio, better light, and now with mirrors. This 2nd round of Intro to Doubles will review the basics we outlined in Part I, clean up your technique, and move you forward to another wave of Intro work.

Dancing with two hoops is not only physically challenging, but also cerebrally stimulating! In this workshop, we will learn the basics of doubles hooping: moves introduced will progress in difficulty and unfold in a drill pattern. Tech timing, direction, and planes are explained. Half the workshop will be devoted to traditional circus style doubles i.e. poi-style hooping The second half of the workshop will introduce a dance-infused approach to doubles, utilizing sustained spin and hoops as shapes. From tech to flow, this workshop will get you started with a wide range of Doubles vocabulary for hours of inspired flight time to come.The workshop is 100% off-body work. Prepare to work those arms and shoulders!

Register Here.
Pay Here.


The Hoop As Your Dance Partner
Saturday March 23, 2013 5:00-7:30pm
Dance New Amsterdam, 280 Broadway, entrance on Chambers, Manhattan

Open Level/ $30

Hoop Dance is an infinite movement relationship with the hoop, far exceeding the traditional and mono-dimensionality of simply Hula Hooping at the waist. In Hoop Dance, we consider the body and the hoop as one dance partnership, led by the dancer and followed through with the circle, and sometimes vice versa.

In this workshop, we’ll explore off-body Hoop Dance physics of pendulum and arc, hang time and follow through. We will then apply these concepts to basic and intermediate hoop movements in a phrase. Adding layers of complementary movement, we’ll create a full body framework for the Hoop Dance phrase.

No hoop experience necessary. Prerequisites: Musicality, rhythm, sense of play and fun. Hoops will be provided or students are welcome to bring their own.

See Dance New Amsterdam for details and registration.



Concerns of the low back, hips and lower extremities

Click HERE to be included on a short list for a potential small group class.

Body Mechanics for Hoopers address treatment and prevention of common injuries and low-level chronic pain prevalent amongst zealously passionate spinners. Learn the causes of specific hoop-related ailments including Piriformis Syndrome (Hooper’s Hip), Sciatica, knee dysfunctions, and more. Learn the anatomy behind the pain, and easy training techniques to keep your Hooping body pain-free. Bex covers the why’s and how’s of proper warm ups, conditioning exercises, stretch and self massage techniques. Stretch what is tight and strengthen what is weak. Bex give you the tools to keep your body happy, and flow on.


About Bex:
Bex Burton, aka THE BEX, is a certified Pilates instructor, Thai Bodyworker, contemporary HoopDancer and certified teacher, costumer and fire performer. With over 25 years of movement training, performance and study, Bex owns and facilitates Sense of Motion Therapies, a multi-service, holistic company offering Joyful Movement preventative wellness in New York, NY.

Intro to Doubles Workshop

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Why hoop with one hoop when you can double your fun with two?

Learn the basics of doubles hooping, from tech to flow this workshop will get you started with a wide range of Doubles vocabulary for hours of inspired flight time to come. Moves introduced will progress in difficulty and unfold in a drill pattern. Tech timing, direction, and planes will be explained. Half the workshop will be devoted to traditional circus style doubles and poi-style hooping (yes, dubbed in the hoop world, “pooping”). The second half of the workshop will introduce a dance-infused approach to doubles, utilizing sustained spin and hoops as shapes. The workshop is 100% off-body work. Prepare to work those arms and shoulders!

The 2-hour workshop will cover: 
Forward and Reverse Weave, and turns from one to the other
3-Beat Weave in Forward and Reverse(?!?)
Horizontal Weave
Windmills and Mexican Waves
Isopop and Antispin
Sustained Spin and Variations (shapes/patterns)
Z-Spins, Zircles, and Butterflops
And perhaps more!

We’ll also cover healthy shoulder prep and yummy neck and shoulder stretches that are good throughout any day, not only doubles day.

Please register here
And secure your spot with payment:
$35 workshop only
$40 workshop and rental of 34″ polypro doubles of opposing colors for visual aid

Payment can be sent via paypal or google wallet to**Kindly mark your payment “personal”, so the only fees I have to pay are taxes.