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Summer Workshops!

Monday, June 25th, 2012

I’m taking a short hiatus from class blocks and offering several workshops through out the summer. Join me!

ANNIHILATE THE T-REX: Easy Arm Combinations for All
Saturday, July 28: 4-6:30pm
Triskelion Arts Studios, Williamsburg, BK
Early Hooper Discount: $30 when you register by midnight June 27
$35 when you register on June 28 or thereafter
Register HERE and make payment HERE. Registration is complete once payment is received.

We’ve all heard it. We’ve certainly all done it. We all know we “should” avoid it. The dreaded “T-Rex” arm posture in hooping is one of the most widely-recognized, but hardest habits to break! In this workshop we will review basic concepts of “Inner Space” and “Outer Space” (ala Ann Humphreys), and discover various arm combinations utilizing variations in direction, timing, and shape. Moreover, we will experience how these movements influence our body’s spin, and encourage the hoop’s spin around our body. This open level workshop is *perfect for beginners looking to hone their spin techniques, and all concepts presented translate directly to shoulder hooping to challenge more experienced hoopers with “Above Space” and “Below Space”.

Body Mechanics for Hoopers addresses treatment and prevention of common injuries and low-level chronic pain concerns prevalent amongst zealously passionate hoop dancers. Bex guides you through fun, full-body warm up movements and introduces functional strength exercises and stretch techniques targeted for the hooper body. Stretch what is tight and strengthen what is weak. Bex give you the tools to keep your body happy, and flow on.

at PEX Summer Festival
Saturday, June 29: 9am
Darlington, MD
tickets still on sale for this weekend-long music, arts and movement festival

at Maine Hoop Intensive Weekend
Saturday, July 9: Time TBD
Portland, ME
5 tickets remaining for a jam-packed intensive training with incredible hoopers

Honoring The Body: A Body Mechanics Workshop for Flow Artists and Teachers

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Bex Burton guides you through warm up techniques appropriate for flow artists, and introduces functional strength and stretch techniques to address common injuries and low-level chronic pain resulting from our zealous passion for Flow Dance.


  • Define “warm up” and discuss the fundamentals of what makes a good warm up
  • Learn full body exercises that address fundamentals of warming up as well as specifics needs of one’s particular flow practice (hoop, poi, staff, fans etc.)
  • Learn basic postural muscular activation and breathing techniques to promote a strong center and fluid extremities
  • Pinpoint repetitive patterns found in flow arts and discuss the anatomy and biomechanics of these movements
  • Learn exercises to strengthen elongated, overstretched muscles developed from flow patterns
  • Explore active and passive stretch and massage of shortened, tight muscles developed from flow patterns

“Sense of Motion,” is the conscious and active awareness of the body in motion and at rest. Sense of Motion draws on dance, Pilates and Thai Massage principles to support correct alignment and proper movement patterns of the spine and major joints. This focus builds functional strength, injury prevention, alleviation of low-level chronic pain, and correction of muscular imbalance due to poor movement patterns and over use.

This is an interactive workshop where Flow Dancers are encouraged to attend with their movement questions, their painful situations, or simply an open curiosity of how better to promote the longevity of healthy Flow. By incorporating SOM techniques, we have the potential to increase efficiency, ease of improvisation, and physical benefits of Flow Movement, and support and sustain one’s Flow practice.

Bex Burton is not a doctor. ? If you have severe chronic pain or other related injuries, past or present, please consult a doctor prior to attending the workshop.

Things to bring:

  • A yoga mat or blanket
  • Your flow prop of choice (or pain)
  • Questions regarding specific movements, postures, alignment etc.
  • An open mind!

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Payment Via Paypal: $35 to (label “Personal/ Gift”)

$40 cash day of