Bex first encountered the Hoop in August 2006, while performing in Noemie Lafrance’s epic production of Agora II in an empty city parks pool in Brooklyn, NY. A vignette in the show involved the cast of 50 dancers to hoop, and it was then that Bex received her first lesson from Malcolm Stuart and his magic hoop. Bex continued training with other NYC Hoop pioneers including Miss Saturn and Stefan Pildes, and began teaching formal classes in 2009. In 2012, she received her Mentor certification with the Hoop Revolution,  led by Anah Reichenbach aka Hoopalicious, who is credited with founding modern-day hoop dance. In 2013, she worked alongside Hoopalicious as the Educational Director at Hoop Revolution, organizing and executing teacher trainings across the country. Bex received two additional trainings through Hoopnotica, the largest world-wide hoop brand.

Bex served as an integral member in the New York City Hoop Community from 2008-2013, offering 3-5 “souled” out Hoop Dance classes per week in Brooklyn and Manhattan. During this time she choreographed and produced “HELLO!100,” featuring 100 hoop dancers from across the East Coast, and “All is LOVE!” which danced down Broadway at the NYC Dance Parade, and serendipitously coincided with a wedding at Figment 2013. After presenting her 4th annual group hoop dance in 2014, “Believe in HAPPY!”, Bex’s partner, Nicholas Whitaker, publically surprised her with a question that changed her life forever!

Bex has presented Hoopdance classes workshops, performances, and discussions for companies such as Bloomberg and The Joyce Theater, and at events across the country including Hoop Convergence, HoopCamp, The Spin Summit, Return to Roots Hoop Gathering, HoopFest New England, FIGMENT NYC, PEX Summer Festival, The Burning Man Festival and in New York, NY.

Currently you can catch her teaching classes and workshops in Boulder, CO, New York and urban centers out West. Check the CALENDAR for what’s on tap!

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Photo by Raymond Haddad

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